Girl reached the flat ...

No need to tell that people in the train are always love to be a pain in the neck (and I still feel the pain there!), same was today.

Never was so relieved about this really fast ICE from HH to B. Of course the weather has changed into great summer again while I was carrying all my stuff and I sweat out all I drank on the train.

Reached the house, admired the old lift, stand at the door - and no one was there. I knew, behind this door some fresh cold coke was waiting for me, but instead of lolling up on the sofa I tried to reach the phone number on a sheet of paper.

Finally I found the guys in a bar in east berlin, watching the game. My congenital ability of destroing things helped me to call attention on my arrival,but it also gave me the chance to get to know that the girl from the bar lived in kiel too some years back and only 4 houses from my actual home. The world´s a village.

I´m still a bit sorry for gabes suavity to offer me the front seat in the small mini - means that 3 tall guys had to sit in the small back.

We had a "yellow wave", met some other minis (and a woman without the faculty to park her car properly, as we identified from her back).

Finally we reached the flat, I moved in the "girls room" and I´m still impressed from this flat, with the roof garden, the big size bathroom and even bigger sized flat-tv.

Everyone is nice, but at the moment we all are typical bloggers/computer-freaks - everyone is handling their computers (mostly macs) or talk about this boring game in the evening, switzerland vs. ukraine. You can hear it as podcasts on this site, too.